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postcard from the belly of a snake

gone soul-searching without a flashlight
this code unlocks the pleasure!

this morning i went to the CareerTrack place to get things in order for my Student Grants.. mmm $7,000 now for Two years.. that should be enough to start out.. with books and all.. but the lady filling out all of my papers had no clue what i was talking about at times when i would ask questions about finding a job, because I've been called in for interviews but kinda sorta DENIED the job because i knew they would take away my grant money if i had found employment... but inked on her glossy forehead said "but i don't understand" as if i am actually saying something. i mean watching the eyes glaze over is its own reward, krispy kreme kamikaze without the vague shame of the trust fund child eating poorly-dissembled donuts that makes them cake like lead in the stomach... i could tell by the box on her back desk..

going out tonight.. not going to get smashed, not going to get smashed, not going to get smashed..
high doubts about 'not' com
ing home.. i surely will be coming home, if not it will be a great surprise, and it might warm the coldnes
s in my heart which in turn will make the weather warmer locally, indeed.. remember when it was in the 60s when it should have been 20s? yeah.. me.. right here.. i was happy and felt so wonderful.. then the downfall... last friday.. i stood outside too long, making it snow and causing all kinds of chaos in weather patterns.. oh.. christmas... the time of giving..... well.. we'll see about that..

a KISS under the MISSILE...................
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