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[drinks glass of milk] The defect in this one is bleach

poor mike deal...

poor will's new car..

poor me for having to work for will because mike deal flipped will's new car last night when will was passed out at a party..

poor me and jon for not being good enough for them to wait a half hour to take us because we worked, what's being a half hour late to a 200+ person field party? was there some sort of "RSVP, COME BEFORE 10PM" deadline they had to make?

i guess that leaves you the answer..
no more new car..
and a missing mike deal..

both airbags deployed..
glass everywhere..
blood on scene..
phone calls at 9am that sound like pranks because i've heard worse..
went outside looking for mike deal somewhere in my yard (my car.. storage places.. green house)

wow an actual update...
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