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ventrilo is a sausage fest

I got the job.

I now have minions, my own desk with a computer, phone extension, and email address. I also get a parking pass to park anywhere on campus, and I can use it while still going to my classes, which is much closer than any student parking on a busy day.

I'm now a Network Systems Support Specialist

Reporting to the Director of Information Technology, the Part Time Network Systems Support Specialist is responsible for dealing with complex and advanced professional work related to microcomputer, network, and telephone technology used at the main campus and off campus sites. Technical independence is required for work involving installing, configuring, building, troubleshooting, modifying, upgrading, maintaining, and enhancing desktop microcomputers, data communications devices, UPS devices, printers, barcode readers, digital scanners and telephone equipment. Duties also include observing system functions to verify correct system operation, diagnosing hardware, software, and operator problems, performing minor remedial actions to correct problems, and replacing defective or inadequate hardware and software. In Addition, this position works in a team-oriented environment with other technical and professional staff within the department to support internet connectivity, distance learning, staff, faculty, and departmental applications.

The principal duties listed contain only the significant information necessary to describe the type of work to be performed and therefore do not contain all the duties and responsibilities inherent in the position.
1. Evaluate and troubleshoot phone, PC, and network equipment failures, and evaluate hardware upgrades.
2. Install, configure, upgrade, and replace printers, computers, modems, Data Service Unit/Channel Service Unit (DSU/CSU), hubs, switches, and phone equipment.
3. Load specified software packages such as operating systems, word processing, and spreadsheet programs into user microcomputers.
4. Diagnose system software problems.
5. Configure computer for use with specific operating systems and software installed.
6. Assist users with questions concerning software applications
7. Perform routine preventative maintenance on all equipment.
8. Make new cables for all networked connections including telephones.
9. Report all equipment failures to the appropriate staff member in charge and maintain an accurate service log.
10. Maintain a detailed inventory of all technology equipment.
11. Load specific software packages such as operation systems that are necessary for the proper functions related to PCs.
12. Perform other duties as assigned by the Director of Information Technology.

Marginal Job Functions:
1. Observe system functions to verify correct system operation and instruct users in general use of equipment, software, and manuals.
2. Provide minor backup coverage in the absence of the Network Systems Administrator and Security Analyst.
3. Assist the Network Systems Administrator and Security Analyst with hardware related tasks relating to system administration such as adding users, checking server functions, and troubleshooting.

and that's what I do while still going to classes.
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